Space Doctor

“The script was well-written with many cringe-worthy jokes and a surprisingly intricate plot.”.
Voice Mag 

Canal Cafe Theatre
London, 22-24 February 2018, 19.00


Time Travel, Space Ships, Evil Aliens, Sexy Assistants, Demented Fans. It can only be SPACE DOCTOR!

Britain's favourite time traveller is BACK and he's coming to the Canal Cafe Theatre. Be there, or be exterminated!

A riotous and playful homage to Doctor Who, set at a fan convention celebrating the fictional 1970s programme 'Space Doctor'. Think Classic Doctor Who with even wobblier sets, a panel of participants in the original programme and a full cast of fans re-enacting the first episode. Forty years on from the programme's first broadcast, elated and passionate fans have gathered to hear from an ageing panel of cast and crew, including the man who played 'Space Doctor' himself. In addition, the long lost film of 'Space Doctor's final episode has been discovered at last and will be screened for the first time in forty years.

Amidst the discussion and re-enactment of some of 'Space Doctor's most "celebrated" moments, the convention's crowd get far more than they bargained for when shocking and horrific truths are revealed about the programme by some of its key players. What's worse, the fans' demented and murderous dedication to the programme becomes worryingly clear as the convention reaches its farcical and explosive conclusion.

Check out the photos from our Canal Cafe run and get prepared for SPACE DOCTOR TO HEAD TO THE BRIGHTON & EDINBURGH FRINGES!