Pity Laughs: A Tale of Two Gays 2017

“The first true gem of the 2017 Fringe”
★★★★★ Broadway Baby

Edinburgh Fringe, August 3-26 2017 (not 14), Just the Tonic @ the Caves, Just Up The Stairs (70 capacity), 22.45

The Bill Murray, December 19 2017



Mark Bittlestone’s parents are both dead. As if that wasn’t funny enough, he’s also gay. It seems natural, therefore, for Mark to do some stand-up comedy based on his life. Will Dalrymple is just gay, which in his mind really isn’t funny enough. It seems natural, therefore, for Will to write and read some explicit parody gay literotica not based at all on his life.

Join gays Mark and Will for half an hour of fact, half an hour of fiction and an hour of laughs.



Broadway Baby ★★★★
“As I came out of the small auditorium at Just the Tonic, it dawned on me that I had just experienced my first true gem of the 2017 Fringe.”
“Never have I seen such a stylish middle finger pointed at homophobia and general misfortune.”

EdFringe Review ★★★
“You couldn’t help but laugh, no matter how guilty you felt for doing so.”
“...very well written....but certainly not for the faint-hearted”

Three Weeks ★★
“The clear highlight is Dalrymple’s reading of his (again, wholly fictional) coming-out story, which features some of the most depraved, disgusting filth I’ve ever heard in my life, and is hysterical.”