StraightUp Comedy

StraightUp Productions host their own monthly comedy night at the newly renovated Landor Space in Clapham. Previous performers have included Adam Hess, Suzi Ruffell, Ken Cheng, Heidi Regan, Sunil Patel and Rob Oldham. StraightUp Productions have sold out all of their nights since their opening offering back in October, playing to audiences of over eighty people each time.

StraightUp bring together some of the best acts on the UK London comedy scene. With exponents of the surreal, one-liner masters, poetry, music and sketch comedy, StraightUp Comedy has always provided our audiences with unforgettable nights of varied, fresh and high-quality comedy in a fantastic setting with a diverse line-up.

Check out a 4 star review of our night here.

Tickets for comedy evenings in March, April and May are now available on our ticketing website.

6 April 2018

Ed Gamble (Headliner)
Ross Smith (MC)
Fatihah El-Ghorri
Mark Bittlestone (as Nicola Sturgeon)
Athena Kugblenu
Max & Ivan

17 March 2018

Ken Cheng (Headliner)
Mark & Haydn (MC)
Amy Mason
Will Penswick
Brodi Snook
Rob Oldham

5 March 2018

Ahir Shah (Headliner)
Steph Browne (MC)
Stephen Trumble
Anne Klein
Will Penswick
Maisie Adam
Martin Graham

5 February 2018

Adam Hess (Headliner)
Isobel Moulder (MC)
Richard Todd
Olga Koch
Sunil Patel
Esther Manito
Mark Bittlestone
Muriel Comedy

8 January 2018

Suzi Ruffell (Headliner)
Ted Hill (MC)
Maggie Kowalski
Nick Elleray
Lulu Popplewell
Luke Craig
Dillon Mapletoft
Will Penswick

12 December 2017

Heidi Regan (Headliner)
Will Dalrymple (MC)
Brodi Snook
Mark Bittlestone & Haydn Jenkins
Amy Mason
Calum Stewart
Kathryn Mather
Ben Raywood

13 November 2017

Ken Cheng (Headliner)
Mark Bittlestone (MC)
Isa Bonachera
Matthew Harrison
Isa Bonachera
Ophélie Hocquard
Will Penswick
Isobel Moulder
Ruby Keane & Luisa Callander

24 October 2017

Rob Oldham (Headliner)
Will Penswick (MC)
Janine Harouni
Sikisa 'Twix' Bostwick-Barnes
Haydn Jenkins
Isa Bonachera
Mark Bittlestone
Cansu Karabiyik
Will Dalrymple
Yumna Mohamed